Manaseer Oil & Gas Collaborates with All4JOR to Launch ‘alshogol Mesh 3eeb’ Campaign

Manaseer Oil & Gas Collaborates with All4JOR to Launch ‘alshogol Mesh 3eeb’ Campaign

calender February, 12, 2019,

Amman, February 2019: Manaseer Oil & Gas has collaborated with youth program, All4JOR, to launch the ‘alshogol Mesh 3eeb’ and ‘Encourage Them to Work’ campaign, which aims to counter the ingrained culture of shame and persuade Jordanian youth to enter the labor market as opposed to remaining unemployed. Moreover, the campaign seeks to reaffirm the importance of close cooperation between involved parties in order to motivate young nationals to attain jobs.

Demonstrating support for the ‘alshogol Mesh 3eeb’ campaign, Manaseer Oil & Gas extended promotional offers that added value to Jordanians, and not, as was rumored, to achieve financial liquidity, as the entire Manaseer Group continues to boast strong financial solvency.

The campaign resulted in widespread public turnout at the company’s gas stations, where each customer was gifted a JOD five voucher upon making a JOD 20 minimum purchase of octane 90 and octane 95. The vouchers could be used personally or donated for the benefit of underprivileged families who receive kerosene to help them through the harsh winter season. Additionally, Manaseer Oil & Gas confirmed that the fuels available at the company’s gas stations since the beginning of the year conform with the recently amended specifications.

Implemented by All4JOR, the campaign brought together a host of university professors, doctors, engineers, local artists, media representatives and social media influencers, who experienced working at gas stations firsthand. Participants expressed their pleasure at the support and cooperation offered by Manaseer Group, pledging to partake in the organization of other similar campaigns across new sectors, locations and professions within the upcoming period to ultimately highlight that there truly is ‘alshogol Mesh 3eeb’.