Clean Up the World - Jerash

calender September, 21, 2013,

Jerash - Jordanian Environment Society carried out on Saturday, a comprehensive clean-up campaign in the central city of Jerash in cooperation with the Greater Municipality of Jerash and Al Manaseer Group and with the participation of youth and educational sectors and civil society organizations under the auspices of Jerash Governor Ali Nazzal. Mr. Nazzal stressed the importance of the participants in the campaign for concerted efforts among all the institutions of civil society and voluntary bodies to achieve cleaner city concept. This campaign which followed the President of the Jordan Environment Society, Dr. Mohamed Masalha, Jerash mayor Ali Qoukzh, Mueen Qdadah- vice president of the directors committee at Al Manaseer group & Eng. Yasser Al Manaseer as part of the global campaign to clean up the planet, based in Sydney, Australia, under the title of "Clean Up the World".