Gasoline for better performance from Manaseer Oil & Gas

calender June, 30, 2016,

As part of the company’s strategy, to provide unique products and be in line with the latest trends in the refined products distribution world and in cooperation with one of the well-known international companies specialized in producing refined products additives, Manaseer Oil & Gas proudly introduces to its’ customers the Enhanced, Better Performing Gasoline Octane 90 and Octane 95, excluding any extra cost and in all the company’s service stations covering the kingdom. By the regular use of deposit control performance additives it is possible to ensure the vehicle operates to its design specification leading to increased driver satisfaction and reduced environmental impact. The continual use of the enhanced gasoline; keep the inlet valves and injectors clean and free from deposits resulting in:  Protection against inlet valve deposits  Improved power and acceleration  Better fuel efficiency  Corrosion protection  Increase the operational life of the vehicle’s motor  Reduced vehicles harmful emissions to environment Gasoline performance additive based on the latest detergent technology; is formulated to meet the challenges of modern Direct Injection Gasoline (DIG) technology, whilst continuing to deliver excellent performance in the traditional Port Fuel Injection (PFI) engine platform.