International Women’s Day Manaseer Oil & Gas celebrates women’s contributions

calender March, 10, 2018,

Thursday 8th of March marks International Women’s Day, a time to support gender equality. But for Manaseer , it’s also about celebrating the contributions of women. Manaseer Oil & Gas launched an initiative Why No - Laesh Laa - in cooperation with the Women's Committee of the General Union of Electric Workers in Jordan. This initiative aim to overcome the concept of deprivation of women's work in certain professions, such as works in Gas station and filling fuel for vehicles, so that Manaseer Oil & Gas hosted a group of women at its headquarters for Training and explains the mechanism of work in these professions then dealing directly with the station customers, under supervision of administrative staff of the station within the safety standards approved by the company. in the International Women’s Day, the G.M Eng. Yaseer alManaseer said women are overcoming a number of barriers but some challenges remain, including a need for more support systems that help women grow and move up the career ladder. “It’s really to me more about what women contribute collaboratively with everybody in society to make things better,” in addition “The theme is really about bringing people together and working collaboratively irrespective of gender … to contribute to society and also pave the way for others,”he said.