Manaseer Oil & Gas : launching improved diesel fuel "Euro 5" in our stations

calender March, 16, 2017,

Manaseer Oil & Gas launched the improved Euro 5 diesel in number of Manaseer Oil& Gas stations with the attendance of Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization Dr. Haider Al.Zeben and General Director of Manaseer Oil & Gas Eng.Yaser Al.Manaseer. This asserts Manaseer Oil & Gas yearning to provide the local market with “friendly environment” products, in addition to offering the small and large automobiles that use this type of oil with a high quality product. Manaseer Oil& Gas launched Euro 5 diesel in 22 stations of Manaseer Oil & Gas stations that are spread all over the Kingdom. This asserts the company yearning to apply environmental standards, in addition to providing the best and high quality products customers. This product will lengthen automobiles and vehicles operation cycle; especially that low percentages of Sulfur and gases which affect the environment are used in this type of diesel. This shows that Manaseer Oil & Gas Company plays a leading role in maintaining citizens and environment safety. It is worth mentioning that “Euro 5” meets European and Jordanian standards, it has low percentage of Sulfur that reaches to less than 10 fractions of million. Exporting and providing satiations with of this material had started in December 2016 to lengthen cars and vehicles operational cycle. Manaseer stations where diesel "Euro 5" available are: 1. Tabarbour Manaseer station . 2. Al Mafraq Manaseer station . 3. Irbid Manaseer station . 4. Al -Juwaideh Manaseer station . 5. Al-Baqqa Manaseer station. 6. Al- Sarro Manaseer station. 7. Airport Manaseer station. 8. Al-Quds Street Manaseer Station. 9. Madaba Manaseer station. 10. Khaw Manaseer station . 11. Aqaba Airport Manaseer station . 12. Al-Kalfi St. Manaseer station . 13. Aqaba Sharif Hussein Manaseer station. 14. Wadi Rum Manaseer station . 15. Al-Shediah Manaseer station . 16. Jarf aldarawish Manaseer station. 17. Al -Tafeileh Manaseer station . 18. Al -Tafeileh2 Manaseer station. 19. Al-Shobak Manaseer station. 20. Al-Qatraneh Manaseer station. 21. Al-Jezah Manaseer station. 22. Al-Karak Manaseer station.