Manaseer Oil & Gas holds a workshop at Al Ahlyyia Amman University

calender August, 7, 2017,

Manaseer Oil & Gas with Dr. Abdel-Nasser Nour , Dean of the Faculty of Business in the AAU, inaugurated a scientific workshop titled “New Trends in sales Management”. The workshop was performed by the Dr. Ramiz Khouri Deputy General Manger, a brief overview of the work of Al Manaseer Group and its current and future plans, the Group's excellence and leadership in all fields of work. He also presented a detailed presentation about Manaseer Oil & Gas Company, Based planning and scientific analysis of their target markets, Ms Kefah Abd Alhadi Sales & Marketing Manager in presence of a number of Jordanian universities faculty members & Students participated in it. The participants discussed several issues such as the new sales & Marketing techniques, such these scientific and academic workshops contribute directly in developing academic programs and qualifying Students who will participate in lifting up the standards of recruitment's and meet the markets. At the end of the workshop the lecturers responded to the audience's questions.