Manaseer Oil & Gas Introduces Fast-Charging Units at Its Stations

Manaseer Oil & Gas Introduces Fast-Charging Units at Its Stations

calender March, 12, 2019,

Manaseer Oil and Gas have installed new fast-charging units at several stations, underscoring efforts to cater to the needs of various types of electric vehicles. 

General Manager of Manaseer Oil & Gas, Eng. Yasser Al-Manaseer explained that this step is closely aligned with the company’s strategy to provide optimum services for electric vehicles. As such, six fast-charging stations with a capacity of 50 kWh/hour were set up to serve different vehicles, allowing customers to charge their cars quickly.

Eng. Al-Manaseer stated that in the upcoming period, the company will bring forth 10 additional fast-charging units with a capacity of 150 kWh/hour - in order to save time for customers by enabling them to charge their vehicles within a maximum of 10 minutes. The upgrade emphasizes the goal of Manaseer Oil & Gas to utilize cutting-edge technologies for offered services and deliver top-notch solutions for customers within the Jordanian market. 

The stations comprising the fast-charging units include: Wadi Saqra Station - Arrar Street; Al Hizam III Station - next to Manaseer Ready Mix; Al Yaduda II Station - before Khraibet Al-Souq traffic lights; Al Baqa’a Station - opposite the satellites; Al Qatrana II Station - 500 m before Al Qatrana entrance towards Aqaba; and Dead Sea I Station.