Manaseer Oil & Gas Participate in AACO’s 8th Aviation Fuel Forum

calender October, 15, 2017,

Manaseer oil & Gas Participate in AACO’s 8th Aviation Fuel Forum in Casablanca - October 2017 under the Kind sponsorship of APSCO, Alshams Energy, Aurora Aviation, World Fuel Services, Associated Energy Group, and ThyOpet and the kind support of Argus Media, Emirates National Oil Company, FuelPlus, and S&P Global Platts. The event is organized by AACO’s Aviation Fuel Advisory Group (AFAG), which includes participating fuel companies and member and partner airlines of AACO. AACO’s 8th Aviation Fuel Forum will tackle issues related to the Arab air transport market and economic outlook for MENA region and a panel discussion on crude oil outlook. The forum will also shed the light on the latest JIG updates, the dynamics of the global jet fuel market and the challenges and opportunities it is facing. The forum would further discuss jet fuel hedging, the insurance levels of fuel suppliers and the different service levels that they can provide; in addition to the varying fees imposed by airports on jet fuel. Another panel discussion will take place during the forum to highlight airlines’ and suppliers’ commitment to an efficient, sustainable, and environment-friendly industry. The forum will gather AACO member and partner airlines, fuel suppliers and resellers, relevant AACO industry partners, and other industry stakeholders. The forum resembles a great networking platform in addition to the opportunity of increasing attendees' awareness and knowledge on several levels.