Manaseer: Available Octane Free of Manganese and Iron

Manaseer: Available Octane Free of Manganese and Iron

calender January, 8, 2019,

Amman, January 2019 - Manaseer Oil & Gas announced the availability of modified, mineral-free octane 90 and octane 95 at both its gas stations and Company-supplied gas stations during a press conference held at its headquarters. Manaseer Oil & Gas General Manager, Eng. Yasser Al-Manaseer, explained that the octane currently present at the Manaseer gas stations conforms with the recently amended Jordanian specifications, despite not being issued yet. He added that the octane 90 and octane 95 are free of manganese and iron, while the sulfur content remains within the limits of local specifications.

Furthermore, Eng. Al-Manaseer stressed Jordanian consumers’ rights to obtain the best fuel available globally in accordance with international standards, highlighting the importance of joint efforts from all relevant entities and sectors, as well as the role of the citizen whose satisfaction is the ultimate goal. He noted that the latest issue with vehicles’ spark plugs underlined the poor communication among concerned bodies - several of whom were completely absent - resulting in a lack of accurate information. Consequently, this ambiguity triggered feelings of uncertainty, confusion and distrust amongst the people. Eng. Al-Manaseer also emphasized the value in acquiring petroleum derivatives that adhere to unified technical specifications without granting exceptions to any party.

In addition, Eng. Al-Manaseer assured that all imported petroleum derivatives have and will continue to meet national standards, which represent the technical requirements stipulated in the import tenders carried out by Manaseer Oil & Gas in partnership with various marketing companies. He stated that previously imported petroleum derivatives complied with the Jordanian specifications and contained some substances, which went into the composition of the octane 90 and octane 95. These substances were not addressed in the specifications nor mentioned in the list of physical and chemical tests that are conducted outside Jordan on the loading port before the oil tanker sails, or in the test performed by the Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology upon the vessel’s arrival at Aqaba.

Finally, Eng. Al-Manaseer thanked Jordanian citizens and car dealers for their patience and understanding regarding the recent problem, the solutions of which must ultimately be in the interest of the country and its people. This aim can be achieved by improving specifications; disseminating accurate technical information; fostering communication between different sectors and state institutions; and enhancing supervision to bolster transparency and trust. Moreover, he expressed his pleasure at meeting representatives from the Jordanian media, calling on them to reach out and request correct information directly from the Company and other relevant authorities within the oil sector. He pledged that Manaseer Oil & Gas will persist in meeting the high expectations of Jordanians as it operates with the same honesty and transparency for which it has become known over the past 16 years.