Not Just a Gas Station but a One Stop Service Station

Manaseer Oil & Gas is the first company in Jordan to manage a chain of modern fuel stations conforming to global standards for technology, health, safety, and environment. For the convenience of our customers, we use the latest technology in fuel pumps for faster and more efficient filling and payment systems using credit cards or our prepaid cards, eCash and eFill. For the further convenience of our customers, our gas stations also offer other services for your vehicles such as oil changes, tire services, car maintenance facilities, and car washes. Our stations are truly a one stop location as we additionally offer services that make other parts of your life easier like supermarkets, fast food restaurants, bakeries, pharmacies, ATMs, toilets, prayer rooms, and coffee.

We are Everywhere

We started with two gas stations and have since expanded to a fast network with a plan to open around 150 strategically located gas stations covering the country. To effectively manage our operations, we own a fleet of 245 fuel tankers ranging in size from 88,000 to 32,000 liters that distribute fuel all over Jordan. We also own and operate 35 smaller fuel tankers to distribute diesel to household and business bulk customers. We constantly maintain and replace tankers as needed to ensure a reliable and safe distribution of fuels in the country.

Fuels for a Cleaner Safer Environment

We are one of only three providers of the petroleum products of gasoline, diesel, kerosene, greases, and oil along with jet fuel. However, in line with our commitment for outstanding customer and environmental care, we enhance our diesel by using fuel additives that produce less emissions and higher mileage as well as keeping the motor clean. In addition to that, our stations are equipped with advanced safety features to protect the public, the environment, and our employees.

We have also expanded our fuel choices to include alternative fuel options by adding charging stations for electric cars.

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Eng.Yasser Al-Manaseer

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Manaseer Oil & Gas is committed to being a pioneering company in the distribution of refined petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, oil, grease, and jet fuel) and other alternative fuel options (electric car charging stations) in the Kingdom in accordance with the highest international standards in relation to operations, services, health, safety, and environment.


  • Supply the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with the best refined petroleum products of gasoline, diesel, kerosene, oil, grease, and jet fuel along with outstanding distribution services following the best health and safety practices.

  • Supply alternative fuels such as electric car charging stations when demanded.

  • Recruit a national workforce and set strategies to develop and retain them.

  • Provide a work environment that incubates high caliber work and motivates creativity.

  • Work efficiently and effectively to increase the stakeholders return on investment.



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